To start work with our system and earn cryptocurrencies you need to "Add Site".
Then you can generate code by pressing "Get Code" and insert the code into all pages of your site.
Don't forget to fill "Purse" at your Profile page for get payment.


What is it all about?

MinerAd offers a Browser based JavaScript miner for the Cryptonight based coins that you can embed on your websites, or run on local devices. We mine Monero as it is the most fitting for web based mining due to high performance and profitability, also supports the underlying principles of privacy.

How does it Work?

If you are owner of a website, browser extension, clickunder - popunder ads network, media-buyer that shares traffic via LP, your visitors automatically run the miner in their Browser and mine XMR in return for an ad-free experience, on-site currency or whatever incentives you decide on. MinerAd works fine with any type of traffic from any device where mining page can be opened (PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or even SmartTV). Users of our solution can just open the web page with our miner and start getting profit.

Why MinerAd?

The reasons to use our service are the following:
- First month of partnership - commission free, 100% Profit! Next month 80-90% profit, depends on the volume of a traffic;
- Our own pools for cryptocurrency-mining with no additional fee, what increases a default profit up to 10%;
- Our own pools physically located in the one data-center in one local network, what allows to decrease network ping and increase profit up to 10-15%;
- Compatible with Browser extensions; - Work with any type of traffic from any device;
- Landing pages for traffic sending (on redirects, on timer, links-shorteners etc.)
- Advanced secure on AntiVirus detecting and Ad-block skip.
- Transparent profit calculation: hash_quantity*hash_cost;
- Detailed statistics;
- Easy integration;
- Payouts on requests to BTC, XMR, ETN, WMR, Paypal and so on, minimum $5


What is the most suitable Browser?

The best mining performance shows Browser Mozilla Firefox . After we have tested our script on all popular browsers we found out that mining performance on Firefox is up to 40% more than on alternative browsers.

What protection from blocking has the script?

To protect the script from a false detection of anti-virus programs, it is obfuscated by advanced methods of hiding the code, which makes impossible to detect the miner script by bots and automatic detection systems. To bypass AdBlock system, MinerAd uses a unique automatic domain rotator, as well as a dual domain synchronization system with a standby static source, so all traffic of the partner in any situation reaches the system. Domains which the user code is given from are dozens of well-known websites with a high reputation.

What personal information does the script collect?

The script does not collect any information about users. We do not keep your IP address. We do not collect any other information. More information you can find in Privacy Policy.

I want to Start!

For Affiliates: sign in your MinerAd account, add your traffic source. Then you can get the mining script to paste it into the code of your site  within your websites <head></head> tags and start making money at that moment! You'll see the statistics of mining after 5 mins.

For Users: sign in your MinerAd account, add your traffic source, press the red button Start mining, get profit!

                                                                         Video instruction:



Why does Monero (XMR) the main mining coin in Miner.Ad?

Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 that focuses on privacy and decentralization. It is chosen drawing on successful experiences of getting profit from browser mining and a speed of increasing coins’ value.

What about payouts?

MinerAd system works with its own cryptocurrency pools to bring full transparency - no shave, no additional fee or failures at any time. You will earn your true 80-90% profit, the rest are used to maintain and develop our service. The payout rate is calculated like this: hash_quantity*hash_cost. Our payouts not only fair but also the most profitable. Try it and see for yourself!

How Can I Get Paid?

To get your payment you need to add your coin wallet in your Profile. We can pay WMZ or Paypal, you can ask for this via contacting our support. Threshold is only $5. Payment can be done every day/hour. Later payment system will be automated.

How does the calculator on the homepage count monthly profit?

Here is the formula based on the average numbers: number of users * session duration time in minutes * average hash rate (20 h/s) * Payout per 1M hashes in XMR * 30 days

I Can't Understand Anything Or Want To Change Something.

Our support engineers will help to solve any question with pleasure. Contact us for any question:
skype: live:anstasialebovski
skype: live:minerad.official
telegram: AnastasiaSupport
telegram: Andrey_Support
telegram: MinerAd_Denis
email: support@miner.ad
email: info@miner.ad